Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 12, 2014 Last two days in Ohio and completeing the Blog

 After about 4600 miles they put up a sign just to welcome us to Ohio
 Tweety is resting at our friends Mary and Ron's house
 Another view, the gas pump is even older than Tweety
 We always love to stop at Ron and Mary's.
 They made the best Scallop meal ever.
 Tweety in his summer place, our garage at Catawba Island.
 After 4900 miles he deserves a rest. Not too many 1971 trailers are used as much today as Tweety
 Frosty our van is resting also, Achmed is now our transportation. Since he gets 52 mpg and gas is now 3.95 a gallon.
 Home sweet home, at least till fall.
 The pool and hot tub is just outside our front door.
 Our dock is empty, next week the sailboat will be there.
 View down the canal, our friend John has a new boat, Too Much to Do. A real nice looking boat. He takes fishing charters out.
The view down the canal leading to lake Erie. This is the end of our blog north. We will start a new one when we start south September 7th. Have a great summer.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

June 7, 2014 Kansas City to St. Louis and the Arch

 We have always passed by the Arch in St. Louis and not stopped.
 Today we stopped. This thing is huge. Parked right on the river bank.
 Our carriage was waiting. 
 The horse even had it nails done for us.
 As you look through the arch this building is shown.

 Standing directly under the arch looking straight up at 625 feet.
 It takes 3 minutes to reach the top in a capsule that holds 5 people.
 You can look out the glass door, but you just see steps and the inside of the arch pass by.
 There are 16 little windows on each side. When we got to the top a storm hit and you could feel it sway from side to side.

 This is the view out of one of the windows. Tweety and Frosty are on  the street to the left. You have to look close they are over 600 feet below and the rain is on the window. A barge is tied up to the shore with a helipad ready to take people for a ride. I think they should add a zip line to cross the Mississippi River

Ok I blew the previous pic up so you could see Tweety and Frosty.
Forth camper from the left.
 Becky is in one of the capsules that they had for display.
 Doug is standing at the base of the arch.
 You can take a river cruise from the arch and the museum under the arch was very interesting. I think we will stop by here again someday.
 This is our site for the night. Mulberry Grove, IL. This is  a real nice private campground called Timber Trails.

June 6 Colorado Springs to Kansas City, MO

Our day started with breakfast at McDonald's.  We love their coffee and the food is consistent.
Today is a long travel day for us.  Unfortunately, we can only share with you what we saw via I70.

 Getting gas.
 Wendy's for lunch.

 We saw hundreds and hundreds of these wind turbines.  Sometimes thick as trees in a forest.

 Nothing like a home cooked meal after a hard days travel.
We shared a NY strip, baked potato and sautéed brussel sprouts.  Thank you, Mary, for teaching me how to make the sprouts.
 This campground (Lake Paradise Resort) had an awesome swim pool built within the Lake.
 Doug talking to the pool keeper.  Pictures do not do this pool justice.  It was huge.
Another view of the pool from up the hill.